About Me

CEO/Founder of Stylish Glam Cosmetics 

Stylish Glam Cosmetics was created from Dennisha's passion for make-up and how it made her feel. The idea to start her own make-up line was the push she needed to enter into the beauty world with nothing but her love and desire for all things beauty. She grew to love make-up after graduating high school, makeup allowed her to form her own look and identity. She enjoys how certain lip colors or eyeshadows would give her a different type of look. It is entertaining for her to try out different makeup products that will give her that perfect selfie photo. Doing her own makeup allows her to feel girly and stylish at the same time. Being glammed up brings about a different type of confidence in her that makes her want to share that feeling with women all around the world. Stylish Glam Cosmetics will give every woman the opportunity to have fun using the products but also find their own style of glam. Her wish for all her "Glam Dolls" would be to have fun with the products and build their confidence levels that will inspire the next woman to be beautiful.